Our commitment to the Simmental-Fleckvieh and Simbrah breeds, and to the long-term success of our loyal and demanding customers - the fullblood, purebred and commercial, progressive cattlemen·

We are building a diversified and sound program with some of the breeds' premier, most popular, proven, superior and some outcross genetics.

Based on the valuable experience of our family's four generations of breeding, producing dual and triple purpose Simmental-Fleckvieh cattle, from the original Low-Lands of central Europe, the Canadian Prairies and the South American Tropics, to the variable environmental conditions of Southeast Kansas, Royal Farms breeds for what matters the most: profitability at every level.

Functional cattle with resistance and tolerance for variable environments under natural conditions and nutrition, with high fertility, low birth weights, easy calving, fast weight gain, good profile and disposition, high performance, soundness and efficiency, along with the optional traits of solid color patterns, blacks, reds, polled and show qualities.
Powerful Simmental-Fleckvieh & Simbrah Bulls and Females from Royal Farms
Purebred Simmentals with outcross, full blood and Fleckvieh influence, with A.I. Breeding to carefully selected, top, popular or internationally sourced bulls, based on traits that pay, with a blend of pedigree, performance and phenotype.

Solid and homozygous blacks, and red, purebred Simmentals with proven performance, balanced traits and conformation, attractiveness and style along with marketability and consistency which will work across a variety of bloodlines.

Purebred Simmental and Brahman genetics, utilizing the attributes and strength of the world's first and second most popular breeds for maximum hybrid vigor in the first generation. The resulting Simbrahs are of unmatchable performance and functionality, and are trouble free.

Purebred Simbrahs, with Fleckvieh influence, by one of the most careful and critical selection and multiple mating processes between selected and proven bloodlines for even higher mothering and milking ability, and more weight gain.
Purebred and percentage red and black Simbrah breeding stock bred to produce, perform, survive, compete, win and sell.
Fullblood Simmental breeding stock with Fleckvieh influence, percentage and full Fleckvieh, with cutting edge genetics.
Fullblood and purebred donor cows, packaged with function, correctness, balanced EPDs and consistency.