INTEC - International Nutrition Technologies

    INTEC's nutritional research is a worldwide effort with supporting theoretical and practical applications that are adapted to meet the needs of in-country, commercial aquaculture and animal production, and pet nutrition. A multifaceted approach to practical nutritional problem-solving involves:

1.  Quality control of ingredients
2.  Nutritional values of new ingredients
3.  Practical diet formulation and feeding programs
4.  Diet and disease interactions
5.  Diet and its relationship to environment or water quality and management
6.  Diet quality, acceptability and performance

Formulations are evaluated constantly to achieve lower feeding cost with optimum performance.


     Feeds and feeding methods are major costs in aquaculture and animal production or pet nutrition, that require constant attention.

     New least-cost diets are constantly being developed which decrease feed cost. These are applications of linear programming through computer technology to improve diet performance.

     The cost and availability of quality diet ingredients fluctuates widely. INTEC has developed the capability to produce quality rations at the lowest cost, by utilizing certain waste or by-products and unconventional raw materials, converting them into highly nutritious feed materials.


     Feeding requirements vary greatly with different life stages and environments of cultured aquatic animals, whether they are freshwater, brackish or marine species. Feed manufacturers must take into consideration many factors, including variations in protein, energy, vitamin-mineral and micro-nutrient requirements, particle size, water stability, floating or sinking rates, attractability, pigmentation, texture and density. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to provide customers with medicated or other specialized feeds to counter the effects of stress and disease.

     INTEC's research coupled with many years of practical and theoretical experience in aquaculture feeds manufacturing, nutrition and production of aquatic species, are invaluable supports to our technology, products and services for fish, shrimp or prawn nutrition and production.


     INTEC's line of specialty ingredients and additives, along with a full range of research services and processing technologies for the pet food industry are supported by over 20 years of practical experience, maintaining a sensitivity to pet food market trends with its ever-changing requirements, has enabled the company to offer its international customers the latest in ingredient technology.


     INTEC provides the livestock and poultry industries worldwide with highly-concentrated products consisting of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, micro and macro-nutrients, additives, supplements and other nutritious materials.

     We formulate individual pre-mixes or concentrates to compensate for specific deficiencies found in local grains, roughage and other feed stuffs, and to overcome cost and/or availability of conventional raw materials.

     INTEC's technical services are available to our international customers to assist with complete feeding and management programs to increase the efficiency of your existing operation, or to advise you in your new livestock or poultry project.


     INTEC manufactures and/or markets:

  • Premium vitamin and mineral pre-mixes
  • Attractants
  • Binders
  • Flavors & additives
  • Concentrates
  • Supplements
  • Formulated diets
  • Micro and Macronutrients
  • Colorants
  • Medicated and pigment additives


     INTEC's products and services come together in a single, easy package. INTEC clients receive the full benefits of highly-evolved feed and nutrient products.

INTEC's exclusive technical services are available to our customers anywhere in the world for:

  • Ingredients selection
  • Formulation and linear programming techniques
  • Quality control and laboratory support
  • Process technology
  • Handling - storage and feeding programs
  • Applications and utilization
  • Nutrition technologies
  • Husbandry and diagnostics
  • Reproduction and production
  • Training programs and seminars
  • Operation and Management

     We invite you to sample our international team approach, and the sophistication of INTEC products and services.


     INTEC's technological know-how in the formulation and manufacturing of attractive, stable, nutritionally acceptable and high performance diets is best described as a blending of science and art, where creativeness and experience produce optimum results.

     The degree to which research methods, quality control, formulation procedures and manufacturing technology have applicability across species lines and animals in perhaps the most influential factor in acceleration advancements in the manufacturing of high performance and/or quality diets for aquaculture, pet and livestock nutrition.

     INTEC's experienced staff teams with top professionals, leading institutions and specialized firms throughout the world to provide a unique combination of resources and expertise. INTEC thus offers unequaled, integrated technology services, applicable to support our customers anywhere in the world.

INTEC is part of the Midland Industrial Group, which is a conglomeration of companies dedicated to serving the agricultural industry.