Agra Axe International has been supplying tree shears to the marketplace for over 10 years. What started as a small one man operation has grown over the years to include sales of hundreds of machines for farm and ranch use, commercial cutting, landscaping and industrial applications.

There are 3 sizes of tree shears available. Our Li'l Snip can cut trees up to 14" in diameter, while our Agra Axe will handle trees up to 24" in diameter. The largest shear we offer is the Mega Axe, which will handle trees up to 30" in diameter.

When we say that we have a "streamlined" unit, what does that mean?

First, we have the lightest unit available on the market based on cutting capacity. Why is that good? The lighter your attachment, the more carrying capacity you'll have for the trees you're shearing. For example, if your skid steer or front end loader has a lift capacity of 2500 pounds, it would make the most sense to keep the weight of your attachment down as low as possible so that you will be able to use the unit not only for shearing but also for clearing.

Second, our jaws are the only solid steel plate jaws available on the market. They offer you a low profile which is beneficial for cutting trees that have grown up into fence rows. They also facilitate your cutting to a greater degree than box plate configuration jaws - there's less to get in your way.

Third, our wrap around frame serves two purposes. Primarily, the frame wraps around to give you a more direct angle of the cylinder to the blade. Additionally, the wrap around frame is perfect for encasing the hydraulic hoses and protecting them from damage.